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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> bret: maybe crime ain't your thing. give up the crime. you can follow me on twitter at bret underscore baier. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the o'reilly factor" starts now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> bill: thousand sondz being evacuated from the quake zone because of possible contamination. the group includes american reporters. how bad is the nuke situation? we will tell you. >> please find out how you can support disaster relief in japan and around the world. >> visit red >> shepard: should americans donate money to help the japanese people in their time of need? one columnist says no. crowley and colmes will debate it. >> why are you spending all our
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money? why are you telling us what to do? >> bill: john stossel goes to washington with a bull horn telling the politicians to get off our backs. stossel will be here. >> stop micromanaging us. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is the nuclear threat glowing in japan? that is the subject of this talking points memo. talking points believes that the media is hyping the situation in japan a bit too much. right now we know some radiation has leaked into the air by four nuclear reactors by the earthquake and the tsunami that followed. a couple dozen people have been treated for radiation intrusion given iodine to ward off any effects.
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70 workers remain at the power plants to try to cool things down in order to stabilize the facilities. about 70,000 people have been evacuated from the power plant areas, including our core of fnc correspondents who we will talk with a little later on. 140,000 other folks are under orders to stay inside, seal their windows and doors. but the truth is no one knows how bad this is. however, that doesn't stop the hype. >> i think we're very close to the point of no return. and if i had the ear of the japanese prime minister, i would suggest that he exercise the chernobyl option. that is put the japanese air force on stand by. assemble a fleet of helicopters. get sand, concrete, and sandbag these reactors like what they did at at chernobyl. >> bill: all the uncertainty is leading to chaos in the stock markets and high anxiety of the japanese people. no looting, no chaos and little
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panic. the japanese culture emphasizes cooperation and obedience to authority. even the face of death and destruction. the folks are treating each other respectfully and doing what the authorities tell telling them to do. radiation are a bit higher than normal but not in any danger zone. there are 36 million people living in the tokyo area. so if the nuke plants were to collapse, you can see how bad the situation could become. 36 million. but, again, that's not happening right now. as the struggle to contain the radiation continues to be the biggest story in the world. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, what should the united states do, if anything, to help stabilize the situation worldwide? remember the stock markets are getting hammered because of this. joining us now from washington fox news analyst karl rove. so you are advising president obama as you did with president bush. got a worldwide catastrophe here because of the financial component. you tell the president to do, what? >> well, he has got a group led by john brennan, homeland
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security advisor who is doing exactly that i suspect their advice is to the president, mr. president, we should do whatever the japanese want us to do. which is thus far provide the disaster assistance response teams. these are highly trained individuals working these kind of situations. experts from the nuclear regulatory commission and elements of the seventh fleeted the uss ronald reagan and a number of other vessels. some of which have air assets that can ferry food and water into the area. some of which have water distillation so that they can provide water and all of which have stockpiles of food which we saw earlier today footage of them being lifted off u.s. vessels and taken to some of these communities which are isolated by the disaster and running out of food and water. >> bill: okay. >> we ought to do with the japanese ask us to do and so far they have been pretty straightforward in their requests. >> bill: now, as far as the worldwide financial situation is concerned, is there anything that barack obama could do there? >> well, look, this is the japanese market, it's melted
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down about 16% in the last two days, 6% yesterday. 11% today. the bank of japan, their federal reserve has injected an enormous amount of liquidity into the system. frankly, that's who needs to do. this it's not up to the united states to try to stabilize the japanese stock market or the japanese financial situation. it's up to the japanese to do so. and they have taken. >> bill: no, but it's rolling out to ours. it's rolling out to europe's. it's rolling out all over the world. >> look, we're going to feel these effects for months. i saw that texas instruments said its plant in japan from which it gets 10% of its sales is now going to not -- is going to be off line until september or october. these effects are going to ripple through the system. but the people who can stabilize the japanese markets are the bank of japan, not the united states of america it will have ramifications around the world. no ands, ifs and buts. disasters like this particularly in a highly industrialized
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country like japan ripple throughout the entire world system. >> bill: all this carnage in japan has taken the eye off the middle east which was the big story until last friday when the earthquake hit. chaos in libya where qaddafi is holding on because of shear raw power while nato doesn't do anything about it so, once again, you have a situation where the president of the united states may have taken a leadership role but now -- and barack obama is quite clear about it, he doesn't want to lead on libya. he doesn't want to do it. is that smart? that's a big mistake. we will look back if qaddafi stays in power last wednesday, he must go, we want regime change. don't expect us to lead. we have france and nato saying we need a no-fly zone. we have the arabs saying you must have a no-fly zone. the president of the united states seems to be, you know,
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the worst of all possible worlds. here is what we want, qaddafi out of power but we will not do anything to help remove him from power. and last wednesday the momentum shifted from the side of the rebels, the small d democrats inside libya back to qaddafi and we have seen every day since then movement by qaddafi's mercenaries and air force pushing the democratic rebels back toward the rest in ben gazay. this will be an utter disaster for the united states if left to stand. >> bill: disaster though, libya doesn't really effect us very much. we don't buy a lot of oil from them. >> every ally around the world will say the united states is weak and undependable. they say something and don't do anything to make it come about. our adversaries will be emboldened, saying you know what the united states is a paper tiger. the president of the united states say qaddafi should go and he is on the ropes. they let him get off the mat and fight his way back into fire. small d democrats who thirst for freedom says the united states is not.
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>> bill: i think that signal has been sent before. >> bill: why is president obama hesitant to lead? >> he wants to work through multilateral institutions. >> bill: that never works. >> it never works. not only that but he wants -- he views the united states as a pleasant little country somewhere between finland and hun will temperature hundred temperature honduras and croatia >> bill: he can't see the united states that way. we are the most powerful country on earth. >> if he didn't he would be too long something about libya. this is a murderer, dictator and tyrant. to put pressure on them and leadership could have galvanized the world community which was waiting for it he is a good man, sarkozy, but it's embarrassing for the united states to say one thing we want him to go and we're not going to do anything about it. >> bill: you really believe barack obama the president of the united states sees us as finland sits it out. >> i think he sees us as a nice
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little country on the international stage that's going to be bound up by multilateral commitments and leadership. and the united states makes a mistake when it tries to lead, it ought to make its views known and hope that the world community comes together somehow magically and mysteriously to do the right thing. if not doing it in libya, it's because we are lacking american leadership. if america goes to sleep, the world goes to sleep as well. >> bill: all right. thank you, mr. rove. we appreciate it next on the run down, should we give money to help the japanese people. crowley and colmes on that. then, charles krauthammer verbally brawls with npr's tina homeowners -- rates have been going up, but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. callending tree at... today.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, as you may know americans are the most generous people in the world. when the tsunami hit northeast asia we donated a billion taxpayer dollars. that doesn't count private donations. when the earthquake hit haiti we gave that country more than a billion dollars. even the recent earthquake in chile resulted in 10 million american tax dollars being sent down there. now economy is in bad shape. columnist says america should not send any money over there. donations lead to not much relief. haiti being a good example of that with us now monica crowley and alan colmes. money to japan, getting a lot of
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mail on this. the celebrities are tweeting did b. it? >> i have been following lady gaga who has been tweeting about this. >> bill: what does lady gaga want to happen? >> what most of the celebrities are tweeting about now with regard to helping japan is donating at least $10 to the american red cross. >> bill: okay. >> who is seeking to go in there. american red cross is a very good, reputable, charity. part of the problem when you talk about donating in the wake of natural disasters like this is that so many governments are incredibly corrupt. haiti, for example. so when you pump in government money or private donations a lot of times that money just goes right down the drain and doesn't help the people in need. japan is a different kind of situation. it is a first world country. it's not a third world country. they do have very solid institutions, good government. that's why. >> bill: they are a welty nation, also. they have insurance. they have infrastructure. did you send your 10 bucks? >> i have not done that yet. i am seriously considering doing it. here is why. because a lot of times when
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these disasters happen in third world countries everybody rushes because they are so desperately poor say in haiti. i also think that just because a disaster happens in a first world where these countries are better aequipped to rebuild because they are richer. that doesn't mean they deserve our support moral or economic any less. >> bill: matter of being deserving and a matter of whether it does a lot of good. look, when we have a disaster here colmes in the united states, all right, we're not getting any money from anybody. nobody is sending us anything. >> katrina people wanted to help us, 9/11 people wanted to help us. >> bill: the oil spill help was logistic. wasn't financial. they say this is a rich country. >> we have the same as japan. not just money. they need water and potables. we are doing that i don't think there is anybody that has a beef with that i think we provide logistics for them. cash, the guy from reuters saying listen, enough is enough here. we have been sending money to all these countries. we don't have any money. we are bankrupt. >> that's not exactly the argument i took from his article. i thought what he was saying
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certain organizations like the red cross will put the money where they know it's needed. if it's needed in japan they will put it there other areas like haiti put it there. go to an organization like that. >> bill: not guaranteed that your 10 bucks is going to japan. >> no, not specifically. >> bill: red cross is a good organization. so what. so they take $2 and give to a blood bank connected in new york, i don't have a beef with it it's the philosophy of how much can the united states or should the united states do because we do everything. you know. i mean, i have got to say that we -- every single time, and we don't have any more money. it's gone. >> i understand what you are saying. if you are talking about government money going to japan, that's a different issue. but a lot of people feel a moral to try to help. if you want to donate whatever money you feel that you can donate to the red cross to have them help the human suffering in japan, i think that that's an appropriate thing to do. >> alan: doing drinking water. charity navigator they have a good sense of how much of your money goes to a particular.
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>> bill: did you send your 10 bucks in. >> not yet. >> bill: you may but you may not. >> i may. depends how this interview goes. >> you have been good tracking different charities whether it's 9/11 or the haiti earthquake he. >> bill: i want to track you right now because it was so disappointing to me so see what happened in haiti. it was so outrageous. and all of these guys like sean penn and all these grandstand down there clinton, bill clinton, grandstand, grandstand. ask them to come on here, no way. no way. are they -- >> with all due respect just because they don't come on the factor -- >> bill: google sean penn, explaining haitian donations and you know what you come up with? nothing. google bill clinton about it. google clinton about it? >> bill clinton has done nothing. >> bill: he has not explained one time what the clinton initiative has done to make sure the money to get to the haitian people. not one time. >> i didn't come on the show to defend everything bill clinton does. >> bill: don't make those
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statements. >> does he not do good work? no he didn't do good work. >> bill clinton doesn't do good work. >> bill: initially him and george bush done what they have you should have done they didn't track it? >> clinton initiative puts powerful people what they got to do. >> bill: this is the biggest b.s. i have ever heard. obligation track it and make sure the money gets to the folks he didn't do it. >> that aside. >> bill: that aside? >> we should be encouraging people to do the right thing and offer help and assistance. >> former president bush and former president clinton or sean penn or lady gaga if you going going to attach your name. >> bill: you have got to follow through. i asked president bush in my interview for his book out in dayton, ohio, i said do you have any idea where any of that money went for haiti that you and president clinton asked for? and he was honest. no. >> because they weren't tracking it exactly. no. >> but we should encourage people to follow their hearts and to give what they can give to the right organization.
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>> okay. >> and track where the money is going. not dissway people. >> bill: i'm not disswaying anybody. i'm so angry. this has been going on since 9/11. get out there and grandstand and ask the folks to give money and the folks always come through. then the money, gone. >> do your homework and go to charity navigator and red cross. go to organizations you know. >> avoid theft on this kind of grand scale your hard earned money if you want to choose to donate morally or economically the japanese people do your due diligence. >> bill: retrust the red cross. if you give money to the red cross for the japanese people, some of it will get there and some of it as colmes pointed out accurately might be peeled off some place else. that's all right. they are not going to waste it. all right. we'll have more on japan later on. we're going to go back and tell our correspondents get out of nuke zone. we have got them standing by. directly ahead, little tiff between charles krauthammer and
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npr's nina totenberg. very entertaining, moments away.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, it is just a matter of time before npr becomes defunded. simply no question the radio network should stand on its own in the private marketplace, that issue was debated last weekend by charles krauthammer and npr reporter nina totenberg. >> if the product is so superior, why does it have to live on the tit of the state the tone with which you defend it is exactly reflective of what we heard in that. this kind of liberal arrogance. >> it has nothing to do with it. it has to do with spending money. >> we give you good news. well then spend your own money. >> bill: yeah. spend your own money. joining us now from washington is charles krauthammer.
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you say it's so good nina totenberg. raise a fund for it have soros fund it. i don't get any of, this charles. so you will have to bring me inside the mind of nina totenberg and her ilk. >> i'm afraid -- >> bill: you know them. have you been on that panel for like 75 years. all right? >> i may be on the panel for 75 years. i may be a psychiatrist. but that is an impenetrable fortress. >> bill: there has got to be a reason why liberal democrats don't want to cut anything in the face of armageddon. >> i think when it comes to things like npr there is this inherent arrogance that they are the ones that see the true world the way it is. you know, there is this axiom i have that conservatives think that liberals are dumb, sweet, naive and dumb. but liberals think that conservatives are evil. that's the difference between how they look at each other. and they think that conservatives, fox news,
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whatever, "wall street journal" editorial page see the world as agents of the greedy, you know, the wall streeters, people who care only about the bottom line. this is the self-righteousness. that's why they say we give you on npr an incomparable product and, therefore, it should be subsidized. the principle beings i believe, and government shouldn't be in the news business at all. there are countries in which it is cuba, sim back way, a ministry of information. well, npr is a ministry of information for the polite academic left in america. and they are entitled to have any propaganda arm they want but they shouldn't ask for a subis subsidy. there is no reason why a steel worker in pittsburgh should be with his taxes subsidizing the salaries of the various schillers who used to inhabit the upper echelons of the executive suites of npr and make a lot more than your average steel worker in pittsburgh or anywhere else. you know, liberals believe in redistribution of income.
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well, this is doing that in reverse. from ordinary americans to liberal -- >> bill: arrogance. the question that nina totenberg ever answer should she have the come on here. if you are so good and smart and the information you are putting out you and npr you can compete in the marketplace. can you get on. you have got your little channel 13 here in new york. you have got your pbs station. got your radio station. can you sell ad time and compete. you are so good and better. americans always go to the best place. what's the beef? go private. go private. >> you know, that's what makes them so enraged and irrational about fox. because fox, with its incredible successful has shown there was a hunger in the country for this kind of -- a different way to look at the news from the wall-to-wall liberalism of the
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major newspapers, the major networks, the major news magazines. and all of a sudden one product emerges in the world that offers an alternative, and there is a rush to it. i like to say that rupert murdoch had such success of his genius was that he discovered a niche in broadcasting half the american people. and that's the success -- that's why liberals always want to find a way to shut it down to shout it down, or talk radio as well with the fairness doctrine, on these one or two or three isolated outlets for another perspective on the world. they can't stand what it says about america and the marketplace and they want to shut it down one way or the another. >> bill: i mean, look, then you can extend this out. nina totenberg and her liberal allies, they don't want to cut anything. if you look at what has been proposed by the democratic party to cut -- to just get a balanced -- not a balanced budget but just to get a new budget that's going to be a trillion dollars deficit.
5:27 am
>> right. >> bill: they don't want to cut anything, zero. keep it the way it is. i want to say to myself can they not read? can they not see the financial armageddon of owing more than $14 trillion with the chinese controlling about 1.5 from of that debt? and the answer is no, they can't or they don't want to or they don't want to or whatever. >> i would say can't they read the report of the deficit commission where the co-chair who a democrat, the former chief of staff of bill clinton appointed by barack obama, which said exactly that. we're headed over a cliff? the era of detective -- debt denial is over. the president on down starts with the budget he submitted a state of the union a complete denial of the deficit. a complete dismissal of any serious attempt to do something about it. it is an be a an occasion of leadership. aton issue astonishing given the
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amount of debt and what his commission said to him and the country three months ago. >> bill: i don't know whether you heard karl rove at the top of the broadcast. he was talking about the leadership factor as far as libya and japan are concerned. and now the leadership factor here in the next election leadership is what it is really going to come down to. whether the american people believe they are being served now under president obama by a strong leader or the republicans can say, look, we are going to lead in a much better way. we'll see. charles, thanks very much. john stossel causing trouble in washington. bull horn. there he is. he is not happy. he will be here. and then, is it legal on whether a pro-hockey player will be charged with a crime for a hit on the ice. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight. stossel goes into the streets. >> debt keeps growing and yet in washington the guys in there
5:32 am
keep spending more and passing more rules. micromanaging every piece of our lives. it makes me want to yell. why are you spending all our money? why are you telling us what to do? stop micromanaging us here now fox news anchor john stossel that was embarrassing, wasn't it? were you arrested by the capitol police? disturbing the police. >> i'm willing to embarrass myself to point out how much we spend. >> bill: did anybody like open the window and say get out of here? get off my lawn. >> it was saturday. they weren't in there. >> bill: so you snuck up on saturday. so you have got a bull horn and yelling in there because you know they are not there just for effect on the audience. >> people come by and want their picture taken. >> bill: with the bull horn, not you. >> we are supportive. >> bill: you just just heard krauthammer. you worked at abc for a long time. >> 28 long years. >> bill: i worked there two and a half years, you worked there 28 years. a lot of liberals at abc, right? >> a lot. >> bill: all over the place.
5:33 am
do you have any idea about the thought process and i asked krauthammer this about nina totenberg and her crew. they don't want to cut anything. they just want to keep spending us into oblivion. is there any logic behind that? >> yes. that it's good. therefore, government should support it. that's the liberal mind set. >> bill: we don't have any money. >> government shouldn't support anything that's good anyway. we should have limited government. >> bill: babies are good, right? do you want 30 of them? you can't support them. babies are good do you want third babies? no, i can't support 30 babies. i'll have three or two. this is the same thing. if somewhat -- what you are saying is oh it's good we have to support it we are at the point now. not comes a point we are there. either going to stop spending or cut back or the country is going to go down the drain financially. >> that is the crisis and that's why i'm yelling at the capital. you are right. we don't have to cut spending if they just slowed the increase in
5:34 am
growth to 2% a year we would balance the budget by 2020. they won't even do that. >> bill: go back to 2008's budget and cut from there, it would be quicker. now the right on the radio in particular says that the left wants the country to be destroyed. so that they can build it up into this great socialist paradise. they want the capitalist i can system to fall. that's conspiratorial. i do buy that at all. >> i don't buy that i just think they like to spend. politicians get elected they like to give people stuff. people come to them and say i need. >> bill: that's corruption. they are buying votes and buying. this but the nina totenbergs of the world. the peter jennings of the world although peter wasn't crazy left. he was a left-wing guy. they just don't seem to grasp that you can't do it anymore. can't do it anymore. >> well, math was never the strong suit of people in the media. always this attitude. >> bill: even i understand. this even i get this. 14 trillion and we can't pay it
5:35 am
off. >> and the public is getting it now. for the first time in my career people are upset about this. and that's great. maybe we can turn this around. >> bill: i don't know how the left is going to defend that in the 2012 election. >> already they are calling any tiny these less than 2% cuts draconian. >> bill: you can't do. this the kids, you are going to hurt the kids. >> that's right. draconian comes from draco. >> bill: you scared the kids with that mega phone. >> on thursday on my show we will scare them more. >> bill: stossel 9:00 thursday. >> 10:00. they lou dobbs and moved me. >> bill: be there at 9:00 so you don't miss it. vote in bill o' poll. do you favor the u.s. leading a no-fly zone in libya. yes or no. do you favor us taking a lead there. yes or no. is it suing over a bachelor party. fox news correspondents have been pulled out of the nuke you a sharper trader?
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>> bill: thanks for stay staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight, as you may know the state department has fired p.j. crowley sympathizing private bradley manning for leaking secret documents to wikileaks. in a prison charged with aiding the enemy, a capital crime. some on the left are sympathizing with manning. is it now our legal team fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. you are a liberal person. >> right. >> bill: you are not as bad as you used to be. you are getting osmosis. you used to be totally insane. you used to be alan colmes in a feminine garb. >> in a dress or what? >> bill: you know the liberal mind. why do they like manning. >> they don't necessarily like him. they think he is being mistreated. the guy was arrested back in july. now what is it the middle of
5:40 am
march? he has been given no trial date. he has been punt -- >> bill: this is artillery action. >> under detention for 2 hours in isolation every day. and at least until about last week. wasn't wasn't able to wear pajamas at night to go to bed. psychologist come in. >> bill: he needs pajamas? >> come on. >> bill: why didn't the army want to give him pajamas. >> because they thought he was a danger to himself. >> bill: to kill himself. >> a psychologist came in said he is no danger to himself. shouldn't be on a ewe side watch. >> bill: now he has jamas? so the left is saying is he mistreated because he doesn't have jammies. >> 23 hours in isolation? >> that's what happens. >> bill: no, look. >> doesn't have a trial date. >> bill: remember, is he innocent until proven guilty. >> i get that but i tell you this is -- >> bill: i have no use for this guy if he did what he did. i wouldn't put him in 23 lockdown. >> the question is not whether or not he has been mistreated.
5:41 am
treated the same as. >> bill: it is harsh treatment. i don't think it's different from anybody else. it's harsh. if the army were smart, they would be a little more benevolent in here and take that away. >> that's what the state department spokesperson said. >> bill: no, crowley he was very sympathetic to him. when do you think this trial is going to happen. >> i don't think it's going to happen any time soon. they added 22 additional counts including aiding the enemy. looking at potential death penalty. >> bill: they are not going to go for that. >> not seek it multiple life sentences. >> bill: sit there for years before the military gets around to him. >> i don't think they will try to delay it. go through all the voluminous information and putting together a solid case against him. >> they can't do that they have a constitutional right to a speedy trial. can he demand that. >> bill: difference between the military being held. >> so we just waive the constitution. >> where is the violation? there is no disruption. >> bill: look, you know as well as i do that mohammed mustafa whoever they tried down in virginia took four years to get
5:42 am
him. >> but it happened. >> bill: let's get it underway. woman engaged to be married, fiance goes to vegas, correct? >> yes. >> what happens? >> the woman lauren is 27 years old. engaged to be married to this guy. he goes to vegas. you know what they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas. not so much with all of the digital age of texting and facebook and social media. she was able to intercept. must have been suspicious of him to begin with his text messages finds out that he has an affair essentially with a woman named danielle. this woman danielle had no idea she claimed that he was engaged to be married. >> bill: is this a bachelor party thing. >> bachelor party in vegas. he meets her and arranges to meet her later at a nightclub. >> bill: he does what he does at the bachelor party and she finds out and the engagement is off, right. >> he calls the wedding off. she confronts him and says what is this. >> bill: he knocks the wedding down and says i don't want to get married now because we have bad blood between us. >> sues.
5:43 am
>> suess for what. >> sues for 60,000 plus in change for all of the fees that she has rented the room and the band and the dress and breach of promise and also suing for emotional distress. what i say to that is, look, if you married her, he would have inflicted a lot more emotional distress. >> bill: she is trying to get back the money. if it's just a 60 k beef. that sounds logical. >> she will get that back. a case like this back in december and that case is still ongoing. she will eventually get it back. >> bill: if they are lawyers they can file their own briefs and not run up the tab. >> entitled to damages, not pain and suffering. she is asking for things that were nonrefundable costs. totally fair the other case the -- >> bill: now, we go to hockey. all right. montreal. the canadians. boom. see it a couple more times. run it to two more times because we don't want to -- so this is an illegal check. what they call a crosscheck. it's a bang, they bang him into
5:44 am
the boards. and the guy gets a penalty. >> penalty, that was it. it wasn't called illegal check. >> he gave him an elbow. you can see the elbow. >> the guy is hurt. >> concussion. >> went to the hospital. had a concussion. hurt a vertebrae. this is why this is not going to go anywhere. looking at charging him with assault the boston guy. it won't go anywhere because the canadian is saying look this is hockey that's the way the game is played. >> authorities are looking to charge this guy but what wiehl is saying is that the bruin isn't going to press charges. >> they are looking at the investigation. it's unlikely that they are going to pursue criminal charges because this injury and what happened here was not severe enough. >> bill: is the bruin okay? is he all right. >> yes. he is out of the hospital now. he had a confession. some vertebrae damage. >> bill: vertebrae damage is serious it? >> is serious but apparently it wasn't something that was significant that's going to be long lasting. >> bill: he will be able to play again. >> right. they are saying this is an assault on hockey to say you
5:45 am
have got a violent came and we don't like it? >> the bruins was the defense guy here. >> bill: i understand things like that happen. i played hockey myself. i wouldn't press this. >> they have pressed charges in cases like this. cases that were intentional. >> the cases were much worse than this though. bad blood between two players. like here there is none of that. >> bill: ladies thanks very much. we appreciate it. in a moment we will take you back to japan where fox news has pulled its correspondents out of the nuke zones. simply too dangerous. right back with that report.
5:46 am
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5:48 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, let's go back to japan where fox business correspondent adam shapiro is on the phone. fox correspondent greg palkot joins from us tokyo. so, greg, they pulled you guys out of the nuke zone but there is still no word on the danger level. why did you have to leave?
5:49 am
>> i mean, bill, partly logistical regrouping. you have got to do that on a fast moving story like this. certainly on the minds of new york management is our safety and health and raid yeation levels went out quite high today just a point of example, at one of the effected reactors there was an explosion. at another effected reactor there was a fire radiation went up. we were 50 miles down the coast line when that happened doing our live shots. we heard about it after the fact. we got one of these face masks and used those for a bit of the time. but you have got to believe that this isn't going to do a whole lot if that radiation is that serious, bill. >> bill: okay. but you didn't get any hard data on how much radiation was there and i understand there is 140,000 japanese around the nuke zone who have been told not to come out of their house. they are basically sealing their windows and doors, stay inside. but, again, it's hard to quantify exactly how much danger there is in the air.
5:50 am
>> yeah, very hard, bill. 20 miles around there, exclusion zone. people were told just stay inside. luckily for our sake, it dissipates mile by mile as you leave the reactor area. we're down here in tokyo now. it's huge city. and the levels here, even lower. but, again, changes from day to day, hour to hour. >> bill: absolutely. >> the big fear the core meltdown that could be serious. >> bill: if that happens, and new york city is the largest city in america, 18 million in the metro area, 36 million double in the tokyo area. you can just imagine. adam, you went out to a small town in the nuke zone. what did you find there? >> well, we saw people who were lining up just to fill their different jugs and buckets with water. i mean, it depends which town you are in. some towns have electricity. some towns have water. but in some places they have neither. it was really remarkable.
5:51 am
people are very polite to one another. they are also lining up tremendouslily long lines for gasoline that stretch. i don't want to say quite a mile but they seem to be endless. and wherever you go. and people are just very quietly waiting hours up hours to get 5 gallons of gas. >> bill: when you went into the small town that was destroyed. was there anybody there? were you able to talk to anybody? what is the fear level of the nuclear intrusion? >> we were in a place called the district of -- iwaki. it was abandoned. it was totally wiped out. there were no humans. further south, the area outside this exclusion zone for the nuclear power plant. they don't seem that concerned. they seem more concerned with just getting the daily essentials, water, food, i mean, the stores are huge lines at supermarkets as well. >> bill: now, greg, some of the media here in america has behind this nuke story, you know, to a
5:52 am
pretty high level. we played a sound bite earlier in this program where the guy is going listen, you better get the chernobyl stuff and the concrete and the sand. how is the japanese media handling the nuke danger? >> they are skeptical about it, in fact. they are skeptical of the way the japanese government is handling it. japanese prime minister was on at 11:00 a.m. people weren't really listening to him too hard. they were too busy, as my colleague noted, filling up their water canisters or filling up their car with gas just in case they have to make a run for it. there is concern, there is skepticism of the people running the operation as day by day the story changes concerning the safety levels. >> bill: they are not believing what the government is telling them that there is no real danger now because the government is playing it down a little bit. they are not believing that? >> quite skeptical. i'm a veteran of three mile island, bill, i was there. and if you might remember that
5:53 am
story. there was a lot of skepticism in the early days of how the nrc was handling that. i'm seeing a replay of that here in tokyo. >> bill: all right, greg. you guys take care. we appreciate it very much. stay safe. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight, starring michele bachmann having a little trouble with history. [ female announcer ] with rheumatoid arthritis, it seems like your life is split in two. there's the life you live... and the life you want to live. fortunately there's enbrel.
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pen. the last day for you to get these free if you sign up for premium membership. awesome deal. we hope you check that out. now the mail: >> bill: didn't suggest anything. i don't suggest. i say one way or the other. i will only give factor viewers facts. there is radiation in the air, fact. we don't know how much or how it got there, fact. >> bill: there's been some hysteria, but not on this program. >> bill: no defectors from law enforcement and no looting.
5:56 am
>> bill: maybe 30 years ago. probably not then either. >> bill: i don't think it would be a good idea in dayton. >> bill: the cd is a different
5:57 am
experience and i'm glad you liked it, thank you for writing. >> bill: not about you paul. it is a legitimate piece of history. securing it helps military families be with their loved ones. come on man, donate the money. give the document away if you don't want it. helping families in need is what this campaign is blood pressure. the total now for fisher house is about $850,000. amazing. check it out on finally pinheads and patriots. congresswoman michelle bachmann made a pretty big mistake the other day. >> i love new hampshire. what we have in common is our extreme love for liberty.
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you're the state where the shot was heard around the world. >> bill: hmm. a little further south. lexington and con cord are in massachusetts. it has lead to her being mocked by her detractors on the left. on her facebook page she admits the mistake. is she a patriot or pinhead? last night we told you president obama made a joke about me having a bigger ego than him. 76% think the president is a pinhead. 24% believe he's a patriot. that is it check out the factor website. spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name a town if you wish to opine. when writing the factor do not be mauled lynn.
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-- maudlin. never put anything in writing when you are maudlin. i'm bill off reilly the spin stops ri ♪ >> martha: good morning, everybody. it is wednesday march 16th. we start with the foc news alert. >> the laste plan to cool reactors in japan put on hold as workers are evacuated. no one knows if the crisis can be stopped or contained. we are live in japan with the latest. i >> steve: americans swarming stores. the surgeon general sends a frightening mixed message to america. >> brian: don't worry president oba i


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